Newsletter 2

European partners from Austria, Italy, Scotland, Bulgaria and Germany have now developed new educational practices in the field of community and regional educational development. The ERASMUS+ project "Community Education Facilitating“ (CEF) will enable more participation and empowerment of citizens by developing two new courses for community learning in their areas, one for professional community workers/employees and one for volunteers.

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Community Education – How Communities Change Through Learning

Voluntary work is becoming increasingly important within our European societies. Whether in retirement as a reading mentor or during leisure time in a computer course – citizens from various professions are involved in many areas of our daily lives. 46% of the Austrian population volunteer on a formal or informal basis.[1]


[1] BMASK, study report "Volunteering in Austria", 2013

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CEF - the second project meeting

From March 7th to 9th the CEF Second Meeting took place in Cham (Germany).

After the Kick-off Meeting in Glasgow (UK) which took place in October 2015, the representatives of the participating institutions of the CEF project met for their Second Project Meeting in Cham.


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Newsletter No. 1

The project “Community Education Facilitating” deals with the development, implementation and dissemination of a curriculum for “Community Education Facilitators” (CEF) as well as a curriculum for “Community Activists” (CA).

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