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New training offers for professional community workers & volunteers in Europe

“In my opinion such trainings will have a real benefit to young people and to adults engaged in community causes, who need to learn to communicate, assert an opinion and express informed position. The developed modules offer training which will have a direct impact on the newly building leaders and activists who for the first time will stand up for a public position. The proposed training is particularly timely and necessary, given the lack of such an offer and getting real emerging needs among different social groups” says Zlatina Karova, director in the Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria.

The two curricula will contribute to the creation of more local participative communities, helping to support and establish their identity, and grow and develop together.

Robert Towart, a Youth Work Manager In Glasgow, Scotland believes “that courses like these are much needed as there are many people who want to be part of their community and assist others but do not know how to do it. This course will give them a valuable insight into what community work is all about”.

The training course for the “Community Education Facilitator“, 12-days course, will target adult education organisations, local and regional development agencies.

Modul 1 “An Introduction to Community Learning Development” is designed to help candidates understand how to facilitate individuals and groups in community based settings to assess and address their local community needs. Participants learn in Modul 2 about relevant structures and frames which are relevant for developing and establishing Community Development and Community Education processes and they will build up knowledge about how to design partnerships and networks. To improve the learning abilities is the main objective of Modul 3 “Learning Approaches”. The main focus of the Module 4 “Groupwork” is to explain the purpose and the benefits of groupwork, at the same time it will sensitize for the threats and opportunities of group dynamics and effective groupwork. Within Modul 5 “Communication” participants learn about relevant structures and frames which are relevant for communication within the community. Secondly they will build up knowledge about how to communicate with others and working on behaviour in the community as the added value. The goal of Modul 6 “Community Activist” is to improve the abilities to promote community change in society and correct injustice.

The training course “Community Activist”, 5-days course, will be organised for volunteers. In this training volunteers will learn about “What is a Community Activist & how to become one?”, “Skills, competences & knowledge for Community Activists” and “How to build up a strong Community Network”.

Sabine Gröpel, the Regional Education Coordinator for migrants in the district of Cham, Germany, “I appreciate that the CEF project focuses the topic of Community Education from a European perspective”.

Your free ticket for a “test-training”:

Both trainings will now be taught to ten European trainers in January 2017 in Rome, Italy to spread the knowledge all about Europe. In each of the partners countries a Train the Trainer Event will take place between March and June 2017. In six stations interested participants can gain a first impression of the training program and the range of duties of CEF and CA. Thus, they can immediately test certain elements of the advanced training course.

You can book your free ticket for each country on , ticketing starting from January 17th 2017.

To prepare people lifelong for the social changeso that they and the society can better master this change, is, with a look in the future, the biggest challenge and the nicest job for the (further)education at the same time.“ (Dr. Otto Prantl, Office of the government of Carinthia, Austria; LLL-Strategy & Coordination).

For your project information in Austria:

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